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We feel your pain.

Created by a physician out of frustration with his previous method of patient management, DocDox™ gives physicians, residents, and other medical personnel continuous access to patient census and sign-out information, using HIPAA compliant data storage and transfer methods. With a subscription to DocDox™, you'll save time, manage your patients better, bill more easily, and have the secure sign-out you've been waiting for.

We know you're under the microscope, whether it's from JCAHO or the ACGME. Our secure sign-out and transfer procedures—reinforced by our unique team-based management system—helps you meet your requirements for transitions in care.

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Designed for doctors, by a doctor.

Ever notice how your EMR seems like it was written by a computer nerd who never saw the inside of a clinic, an OR, or who thinks an ED needs Viagra, not a staffing manager? DocDox™ was created by a physician—someone who knows how you work and what's important to you.

We're super secure. And we're okay with that.

We can talk about SSL encryption, NSA-level security features, database encryption, and the fact that our servers have passed PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, & SOC1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 audits. But that's boring to you.

Print those beautiful documents.

We know you can't always be at a computer, and sometimes you just need a piece of paper for your white coat pocket. That's why everything is also designed as aesthetic, easy-to-read, printable PDFs. Billing? We got that covered—it even includes accurate ICD-9 codes.

Out of the office? So are we.

Unlike traditional sign-out solutions, we are in your pocket, at your house, and in the office. Since we live in the cloud, you can even manage patients from your beach vacation or a cabin in the woods.

We put out fires.

Since we're in the cloud, we worry about all the things you went to med school to never worry about—back-ups, redundancies, failures & fires.

We're your archive.

We store your data indefinitely—use it for research, billing (up to 2 years), reference, and quality improvement.

Document your heart out.

Paper charts? We got that—beautiful, easy-to-read, JCAHO compliant charting is just a few clicks away. EMR systems? We can work with most solutions and integrate with your existing EMR.

Your time is important.

Save more time than ever before: check on your patients before you're even out of bed; update your census on the fly; sign out faster than ever before.

Audits? Don't worry.

We've put in place best-in-class audit capabilities, tracking what happens to your patients, when, and by whom. Need to know whether anyone looked at a record at 1 am on September 1st? Yeah. We recorded that.

We'll update you on-the-go.

Want to know immediately when a patient is admitted or transferred to your service? We'll send you HIPAA-compliant SMS messages alerting you.

You could do it by hand.

Or let DocDox™ do the heavy lifting.

It's time for a solution that recognizes your needs and time constraints. You need to check your patient data from home, work on your notes while the kids are at soccer, or maybe catch few extra minutes of sleep.

Whether putting in new admissions, transferring patients, or writing your notes, DocDox™ saves you time. Since it autopopulates data in both documentation and patient lists, everyone gets the latest updates, all the time. That means medications stay up to date, problem lists are accurate, and notes are quicker to write.

My hand hurts just looking at it.

Why re-invent the wheel?

It's 2016, after all.

You get the same patients over and over, so why do you put in their information in again every single time? And what about that patient the unit just transferred to you—wouldn't it be easier if their information could follow them to your census?

Get frequent flyers out of the holding pattern, and transfers securely on your list. DocDox™ was designed to save all those keystrokes and mouse clicks. It pulls in previous admission information, and makes sure that transfers are secure—from the medication lists to follow-up tasks, it's all there.

You're working too hard.

Stop searching for stickers.

We've designed billing to be straightforward.

Our billing sheets pre-populate patient data, so you could almost ditch the pen (you still have to sign, after all). Plus, with our always up-to-date ICD-9 codes and NIH database of medications, you know you're going to make the billing office happy. And we're ready for ICD-10—bet you didn't see that coming.

Censuses printed from DocDox™ are also super easy to read, with appropriate room for patient demographics, medications, problem lists, follow up, plus IV lines, antibiotic start dates, code status, PCP information, and more. Once you've used it, you won't be able to believe you ever did it any other way.

You'll be looking forever this way.

Here's what others said.

We asked residents using our software to write down what they thought.

 It’s great to have such a user-friendly system to work with. 

 I would log on, see we had five new patients, and know I had to hurry in, all before I got out of bed. 

 DocDox™ let me spend more time with my four kids, since I could finish working with my patient data from home. 

 DocDox™ provides a safety net to prevent loss of patients to transfer of care. It represents an invaluable adjunct to verbal sign out. It also cuts time for census completion by at least 50% on a busy morning. 

 DocDox™ has tremendously improved our daily routine, allowing for more efficient work, eliminating a lot of repetitive tasks, thus allowing for more time for patient care and time spent with patients. 


Unlimited Users

DocDox™ Access Anywhere
Unlimited Archived Data
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Unlimited Services

DocDox™ Access Anywhere
Unlimited Archived Data
JCAHO & ACGME compliant
Multiple services
Contracted pricing
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We'll go until we run out of steam.
(Steam is a renewable resource.)

Patrick A. Woodard, MD

Patrick is a physician in internal medicine and was tired of the painful task of updating sign-out documents daily, and started working on DocDox™ to streamline the process. Along the way, he realized it could be a comprehensive solution for residencies, hospital groups, and large practices to manage their patients in the hospital setting.

A graduate of Georgetown University and the University of Nevada School of Medicine, he brings his knowledge of the practice of medicine to put the health back into health IT.

Kristy C. Woodard, PhD

Kristy is a social psychologist by training who immediately knew the stuffy halls of academia were not for her. After embarking on a trek across the country to find her dream job, one fell into her lap as the co-founder of DocDox™. When not managing negotiations or developing amazing marketing strategies, she can also be found as an adjunct professor for adult students returning to college.

Kristy is a proud graduate of the University of California at San Diego and the University of Nevada, Reno, who wanted to bring her eye for design and need for perfection to the physician IT world.